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Martes, Enero 22, 2013

The Angeles City I Never Saw

Everyone should write about their hometown. As Dorothy says, "Home is where the heart is." I love home. I have been living in my hometown for 23 years. It's the City of Angels, literally and figuratively. As I've said, I love the City but I never realized how brilliant it is until now. The Russian guy who asked us to tour him around the City actually did the same thing for us. He made us realized how cool our city was and is and is to come. 

This post is a tribute to my City. This post is also for people who have missed the City. 


It was a Saturday. It should be a typical weekend at the mall. It should be the day when we spend our salaries endlessly and be guilty about it afterwards. It should be the day when we meet each other for a coffee, a tea or a milk tea. It should be the day when we treat ourselves, be ourselves, and just do nothing. But this Saturday is different. We have actually traveled the whole city. Sort of.

The Holy Rosary Parish Church stands tall in the middle of the City. It's like a tamed gray giant protecting the people. There was a wedding. Saturday afternoons are perfect for weddings. It was a long aisle for the bride. But for the husband, it's worth the wait. I don't like weddings during Sundays. I don't like it when you still have a hangover and you have to go to work the next day. Anyway, everybody has an experience inside that church. I used to hate that church because it's huge and I'm afraid of heights. My friend Joana told me that she once thought that the dome of the church is home to heavenly creatures. I think I have thought of the same thing when I was young. I don't know. Outside the church is a 100-meter street as if you are walking in Rome. I haven't been in Rome but the feeling is like that. On the left side was a small store selling some religious items. I bought my Sacred Heart of Jesus poster there. It's good in my room. Now, I have learned to like that church. I can put on my headset, listen to some Celtic music and just stay inside. I am not Catholic but I want to be one when I am inside that church. At night time, the gray giant becomes more majestic because of it's yellow lights. The stained glass windows and statues are lighted. Rome feels more like Hogwarts during nighttime
If you want to feel "community", Nepo Mart Complex can satisfy your cravings. It's a crazy marketplace. In the middle of the Mart is a strip of food vendors. Delicacies covered with banana leaf are everywhere. People used to enjoy this place before the invasion of Big malls and effin' fastfood chains. My mom used to take me inside the mart during breakfast and afternoon snacks. I often order a chicken congee and a lychee sherbet. People are noisy and irritating but I like it. It was magical when we were kids. It's still magical now but people often take it for granted. They choose fast foods over these authentic cuisines. I am guilty. Near the food-strip are butcher houses dominated by local sausages, pork chops and  pork skin cracklings. It's pink everywhere because of the color of the meat. I realized that inside the forgotten mart is a rainbow waiting to be rediscovered. I don't make sense but the feeling of nostalgia is in the air. 

I hate malls (sort of) but Marquee Mall is different. I don't even know why I am writing about a mall. There's something about the place that instantly gives me great ideas. Dakasi Milk Tea should go with it or a real deal hot tea at Xtremely Xpresso. I don't shop there (except for Fully Booked), I just walk. Walking there is luxurious but for free. The best things in life are for free, as the cliche goes. Eating at TGI Friday's is not reasonable but it should be there. The red, white, and blue colors of Friday's is the entrance of the New-York-ish mood outside the mall. The outdoor fountain is also a good view. Kids can have the time of their lives. It's a free shower and a free water sports. 

The Walking Street at Fields Avenue will always be intriguing. For me, its a mixture of emotions except lust. The sparkling lights and themed bars can transfer me into another world...a very wild world which I dare not to enter. On the other hand, the situation of the entire place makes me sad, really really sad. I am not sure if the trade is legal or not, but it hurts me to see things you don't want to see everyday. As much as I want to press the delete button to completely remove the place, I can't, but I wish I can.

200 meters away the Walking Street is one of the largest parks in the City. This is my first time to be under the iconic brown Juan dela Cruz hat. I felt safe. I don't know the history why they build it. Sometimes you don't need history. You just need to be amazed without any reasons at all. The park is also home to different people. I have been looking for such place in my life.  On my left are people walking their mini pinschers. On my right are people playing basketball and volleyball. In front of me are breakdancers doing some of their wild exhibitions. Also, there are skateboarders, roller bladers and joggers. Some are just having picnics. The young people are doing the good old Truth or Dare game. I never realized that this place exists. I think I know it exists but I ignored its beauty because of my limited mind. I have been looking for a place to express art and to be with people who are passionate about art. I thought a cozy cafe can satisfy my soul, but I was wrong. I am looking forward to spend one afternoon here, watch people and just be myself. 

This post is just a glimpse of the City. It is my intention not to insert pictures in order for the readers to really feel the city

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  1. you know, for me, you and Joane made the city special, at least for my last trip.
    *I miss cali-cali* !