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Linggo, Disyembre 30, 2012

Doing some "Fat Kid's" recipes...

Its 1am and the whole family just got home from our post Christmas /pre new year celebration and here I am blogging, as if I have readers. Like I've said, I am doing this for passion. I received a Hard Rock Cafe tumbler, which I got from the lucky game of BINGO; a Dona Elena Olive Oil, for my cooking frustrations; a 200 peso Sun Load, and a 20 peso bill. 

Also, I am now bald by choice, just for the fun of celebrating the new year with a new look and a new hairstyle. Anyway, before the year ends, I would just like to share some of the dishes I cooked this week. These were my "output" from Erwan Heussaf's food blog  which I highly recommend for foodies, both expert and frustrated (like me). The recipes are easy to follow.

*to respect and acknowledge Heussaf's recipes, I will just direct you to his website...

The Grilled Cheese
Please check out: Grilled Cheese 

The above picture is my version of Heussaf's Grilled Cheese. It is really fun to do and you get to experiment the taste depending on your preferences. I like my tomato relish with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco (loads) instead of Balsamic Vinegar. This is also my first time to fry an egg. I did the process twice because my dad asked me to cook for him after he had a taste of the dish I prepared. So I guess that was a positive gesture. *winks*

The Chili
Please check out: Erwan Heussaf's Skill Shop #13: A Big Bowl of Chili 

I have to admit that this one is also easy to do if you have the "right" ingredients. Now I get it when they say that do not settle for less. I bought all the right ingredients, spices and all, except for the mushrooms. Instead of buying fresh, I bought the canned Japanase Mushroom which is not a perfect fit for the Chili. My chili became a spaghetti of hard to swallow japanese mushroom. Eeek. 

Well, I cannot say that this one is a failed mission. In fact, it tasted good because of the completeness of the spices (chili powder, paprika, tumeric, basil, cumin and white pepper).  So, check out Erwan's recipe and try this easy to do dish. Again, no canned Jap Mushrooms, ok?

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